Oil-Flooded Screw Compressor Packages

OTA has a broad line of oil-flooded screw compressor packages for vapor recovery, wellhead compressors, and other applications based on the highly reliable and energy efficient FS Curtis RSNG Series compressors. FS Curtis has been making industrial equipment since 1854 and has a long, successful history making air compressors and now, oil field vapor compressors.

FS Curtis’ rotor design is 20% more efficient versus competitors’, yielding over $8,500 per year in costs savings for a 50HP package.

FS Curtis RSNG Compressors

OTA electric units range in size from 10HP to 150HP and deliver flow rates of up to 750+ Mscf/d and discharge pressures up to 200 psi. Our natural gas driven units feature certified 3.0L, 5.7L, and 8.1L GM engines. Our electric units come with VFDs and NEMA premium efficiency motors.

Electric units up to 50HP are belt driven, while units over 60HP are direct drive. All of our screw compressors are inherently H2S resistant and come with automated scrubber dump systems.

Key Advantages

High efficiency

No yellow metals

Accommodates suction pressure fluctuations

Easy starting and stopping

Fewer wearing parts which increases reliability and reduces maintenance costs

Open design for easy access to all components, which makes servicing a breeze

Rugged and leak-free design

Low internal pressure drop increases efficiency

Telemetry or Modbus for remote monitoring and SCADA

Standard Electric Screw Packages

  • 10HP – GTO10E (belt drive)
  • 20HP – GTO20E (belt drive)
  • 25HP – GTO25E (belt drive)
  • 30HP – GTO30E (belt drive)
  • 40HP – GTO40E (belt drive)
  • 50HP – GTO50E (belt drive)
  • 60HP – GTO60E (direct drive)
  • 75HP – GTO75E (direct drive)
  • 90HP – GTO90E (direct drive)
  • 100HP – GTO100E (direct drive)
  • 125HP – GTO125E (direct drive)
  • 150HP – GTO150E (direct drive)

Standard Natural Gas Engine Powered Screw Packages

  • 40HP – GTO40NG (3.0L GM direct drive)
  • 75HP – GTO75NG (5.7L GM direct drive)
  • 125HP – GTO125NG (8.1L GM direct drive)