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Vapor Combustor Units (VCUs)

Vapor Combustors provide a solution to maintain compliance by burning off vapors which would otherwise emit to the atmosphere. In some cases there are not enough vapors to justify the cost of recovering gas as a revenue. In other situations, there may be no existent pipeline to sell the gas.

A vapor combustor is an ideal vapor solution for these scenarios when an enclosed flame and a high Destruction Rate Efficiency (DRE) are desired. We designed our combustor lines to be flexible, have the capability for low or high pressure and dual low/high pressure applications and we offer different sizes to support specific BTU/volume requirements. Therefore, you pay for a unit that is sized per your requirements.

OTA’s vapor combustors are safe, dependable, easy to install, and customizable to provide the features you need.

Types of VCUs

Through Kimark Systems and OTA Environmental Solutions, OTA Compression provides two lines of combustors to meet your performance and budgetary needs. Key features of both our KSF (Kimark SmartFlare) and KEVC (Kimark Economy Vapor Combustor) include:

Low emission technology (HDE and low NOX & CO₂)

Compact and easy to install design

Operating temperatures up to 1900°F

Capable of up to 99% DRE

Meets EPA 40 CFR Part 60 Subpart OOOO and OOOOa regulations

Capable of solar powered operation

Data logging

Modbus ready

Constant pilot – Accurate pilot verification by UV flame detection or thermocouple

Multiple sizes to meet specific gas volumes

Modular design – Can be easily modified to fit a wide range of applications

Proven technology – Uses proven combustion methods and safety features

Kimark SmartFlare (KSF)

Kimark SmartFlare is our fully featured, best-in-class, turndown combustors that can be configured to a wide range of operating conditions to meet your performance needs. Key features include:

Very high, 20:1 turndown ratio achieved by VOC staging

Scalable flow rates

Insulated to minimize internal heat and danger

EPA Certified and EPA Compliant units

User flexible and fully automated burner management system

Stainless steel is optional

Dual stream HP/LP options

Size ranges from 26″ to 64″. Designed to handle 30-280 Mscf/d, depending on BTU

Kimark Economy Vapor Combustor (KEVC)

Kimark Economy Vapor Combustor (KEVC) is our value-oriented combustor line that meets your basic requirements and comes standard in stainless steel for high H2S locations. Key features include:

Single combustion chamber/exhaust stack for ease of insulation

Non-insulated stainless steel is standard for increased durability and corrosion resistance

Touch screen control interface for greater ease of operations

Fully automated burner management system

User flexible and fully automated burner management system

EPA Compliant units

Size ranges to handle from 20 to 1000 Mscf/d, depending on BTU