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Instrument Air

OTA Compression offers a range of Instrument Air (IA) solutions to meet your well-site pneumatic control needs. We can repair or replace individual pieces of equipment or provide you standard, skid-mounted packages for your sites.

Our Packages

Our standard packages include 5 hp simplex, 5 hp duplex, and 15 hp duplex units with a range of options including:

Economical coalescing filter dryer systems

Heated and heatless desiccant dryer systems

Additional receiver tanks for increased Instrument Air storage capacity

Duplex compressor systems for redundancy and backup of equipment as well as additional capacity. Duplex packages have a control panel to balance the usage across two units, extending the life of the equipment

Customization for other size packages or replacements as needed

Why Use Instrument Air equipment?

Replaces natural gas with compressed air for pneumatic control operation

Reduces methane emissions to help achieve your emissions reduction goals and comply with new mandates in certain jurisdictions

Reduces hazardous vapor releases, such as H2S around your equipment

Significantly extends the life of pneumatic equipment and components

Why Choose OTA?

OTA has specialized in oil field compression technology for 17 years. We are a company you can trust

We use well-regarded brands of air compressors in our integrated packages and we can customize our solutions to meet your needs

Our Instrument Air skid was designed to fit a wide range of facility demands

Our duplex systems provide redundancy for high uptime and have large storage capacities to enable sustained operation in the event of a power loss

Preventative Maintenance (PM) & Repair

Instrument air packages are an often neglected maintenance item at the well site. Regular Preventative Maintenance (PM) can extend the life of equipment and reduce expensive downtime.

In general, bimonthly PM is adequate for basic systems and OTA can economically add on IA system PM while we are servicing your other equipment. Monthly visits are recommended for desiccant dryer systems. OTA can also dispatch our mechanics for call-outs and repairs on your existing equipment.