Welcome to OTA Compression, LLC

OTA Compression is a national company that manufactures and sells oil and gas well site vapor handling and emissions control equipment. Through our local Field Services locations, we provide preventative maintenance, 24/7 call-out repair, and field upgrade/retrofits for OTA and all third-party equipment.

Through OTA Environmental, we provide a full range of environmental regulatory and compliance services. Our state-of-the-art equipment is designed and manufactured to meet your requirements; anytime and at any location.

Vapor Recovery Units

Our elite line of screw and reciprocating VRUs allows OTA to match the most flexible solution to your specific vapor recovery need.

Wellhead Compression

Our extensive compression product line covers potential applications up to 150 HP. All of our packages are customizable.


Our line of utility and dual flares with air and gas-assist allows user flexibility and control while maintaining optimal performance.

Preventative Maintenance

Regularly scheduled maintenance on your equipment will keep it in top shape and prevent downtime.

Repairs & Callouts

We provide 24/7 callout and repair services on any manufacturer's equipment to maximize your uptime.

Retrofits & Refurbish

OTA can retrofit/upgrade field equipment to meet modern technological and regulatory compliance standards.

OTA Environmental:
Services Provided

OTA Environmental can help you understand the full range of Oil & Gas environmental regulatory requirements and cost-effectively assist you with staying in compliance.