Products Overview

OTA offers a full range of wellsite gas handling equipment from: Compressors to Flares and Combustors to Instrument Air packages. OTA is a single source that can meet all of your needs. Our equipment has been designed and built based on the oilfield requirements for uptime, operational efficiency, and cost effectiveness. Since we have serviced our own equipment and third-party equipment for over fifteen years, we know what works and have incorporated that knowledge into our current, state-of-the-art designs.

To support our products and to repair third-party manufactured equipment, OTA’s technical staff and field service personnel are on call all day, every day.

Featured Products

Vapor Recovery Units

Our elite line of screw and reciprocating VRUs allows OTA to match the most flexible solution to your specific vapor recovery needs.

Wellhead Compression

Our extensive compression product line covers potential applications up to 150HP. All of our packages are customizable.


Our full line of utility and dual flares with air and gas-assist allows user flexibility in function and control while maintaining optimal performance.

Vapor Combustor Units

Our economy and more robust Vapor Combustor lines provide solutions to meet emissions control objectives within your budgetary constraints.

Burner Management Systems

The Kimark BMS features next
generation, proven devices that put us at the leading edge of technology.

Vapor Blowers

Reduce your tank emissions by
boosting gas vapors from your
production tanks to your emissions control devices.


OTA offers web-based, real-time
monitoring solutions for remote
equipment with automated alerts sent by email or text.

Instrument Air

Lower fugitive emissions by
converting natural gas to
compressed air for pneumatic