Our products

Products Overview

OTA offers a full range of wellsite gas handling equipment from: Compressors to Flares and Combustors to Instrument Air packages. OTA is a single source that can meet all of your needs.

To support our products and to repair third-party manufactured equipment, OTA’s technical staff and field service personnel are on call all day, every day.

Our Products

Our equipment has been designed and built based on the oilfield requirements for uptime, operational efficiency, and cost effectiveness. Since we have serviced our own equipment and third-party equipment for over fifteen years, we know what works and have incorporated that knowledge into our current, state-of-the-art designs.

Vapor Recovery Units

OTA Compression manufactures a range of Vapor Recovery Units (VRUs) based on oil-flooded screw and reciprocating compressor technologies. We sell and lease 10 Hp to 125 Hp units powered by electric motors or certified natural gas engines.

Instrument Air

OTA Compression offers a range of Instrument Air (IA) solutions to meet your well-site pneumatic control needs. Instrument air helps reduce hazardous vapor releases, such as H2S around your equipment.


OTA manufacturers fully compliant flares for Oil & Gas Production, Midstream, and other applications. Our flares are designed for ease of operation and to keep you in compliance with emissions regulatory requirements such as: 40CFR60.18, API 521, and API 537.

Vapor Combustor Units

OTA’s vapor combustors provide a solution to vapor capture needs by burning off vapors which would otherwise emit to the atmosphere. Our vapor combustors are safe, dependable, easy to install, and customizable to provide the features you need.

Vapor Blowers

Our vapor blower packages help reduce pressure on your tanks and give vapors a boost to your vapor recovery system or combustion device. This can help combat vapor flow from factors such as piping diameter or overall process flow.

Wellhead Compression

OTA sells and leases both oil-flooded screw compressors and reciprocating compressors up to 125 HP. Our extensive compression product line completely covers the variety of potential applications in this range including both electric and natural gas powered options.

Burner Management

Through its affiliate company, Kimark Systems, OTA provides state-of-the-art Burner Management Systems for: optimal flame ignition, data acquisition, and control of your fired vessels. Can be added to your new equipment or field replacements/upgrades from manually lit burners.


OTA offers a Cloud-based remote telemetry solution that provides real-time information through cellular data networks that can be accessed via your phone or computer, using a customizable Internet interface.