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Vapor Blowers

Are you venting your tanks due to insufficient pressure in order to move vapors to emissions control devices such as combustors, vapor blowers, or other VRU systems? These devices will not function properly without adequate inlet pressure, which could lead to smoking, reduced Destruction Rate Efficiency (DRE), equipment shutdowns, and regulatory violations of OOOOa environmental requirements.

These problems are often caused by insufficient pipe diameter, long runs of pipe to get to the devices, piping layout, larger facilities built than originally planned, and more.

Vapor Blower Capabilities

The OTA Vapor Blowers come in a variety of piping sizes and HPs to meet your unique needs. They have a highly adjustable Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) to precisely control the speed and response time to changing tank vapor space pressure readings.

Boost gas vapors from tanks to your flare, combustor, or other end device.

Reduce upstream pressures on tank vapor space in order to eliminate emissions from tank vent thief hatches.

Eliminate the need for costly piping modifications at your facilities.

Overcome issues caused by tanks with low pressure ratings.

Enable you to be compliant with OOOOa environmental requirements by reducing emissions.