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In today’s digital oil field, it is critical to have real-time information on the operation of your field equipment in order to improve efficiency and profitability, while also identifying environmental issues or gathering data for regulatory reporting purposes.

To provide this information, most of OTA’s equipment already comes equipped or can be upgraded to hard-wire connect to a customer’s SCADA system through Modbus communications.

More About Telemetry

For situations where it is not practical or economical for a hard-wired solution, OTA offers a Cloud-based remote telemetry solution that provides real-time information through cellular data networks that can be accessed via your phone or computer, using a customizable Internet interface.

For monitored devices such as VRUs, Wellhead Compressors, Combustors, Flares, etc., you can see the data in real-time or as historical data for up to one year. The system can be configured to provide automatic email or text alerts based on user-defined criteria. You can immediately identify process upsets and/or failure of critical emissions control equipment in order to limit your process downtime or environmental impact.

Key features of our Telemetry systems

Great for VRUs, Wellhead Compression, Combustors, Flares, and other types of oil field equipment

Compatible with OTA and any other manufacturer’s equipment

Uses AT&T and Verizon cellular data networks for reliability and greater reach than standard cell phone signals

Can send email and text alerts based on user-defined parameters

Real-time or historical data viewing on PC or mobile devices

Wide range of communications protocols

Interfaces with other SCADA systems

Connects to a wide range of PLCs and HMIs

Customer-managed multi-user structure with individual permissions

Customizable dashboard displays

Solar options are available

Extensive customer support