Our field services

Preventative Maintenance

Conducting Preventative Maintenance (PM) on your well-site equipment is critical for reducing downtime, maximizing production, reducing emissions events, and meeting your operating budget objectives.

Routine maintenance will help identify and fix small problems before they become much larger, more expensive issues. Different types of equipment may need monthly, quarterly, or semi-annual PM service.

More About Preventative Maintenance

OTA PM’s all brands of equipment. In addition to our own compressor lease fleet, we provide PM services on over 1,000 pieces of equipment each month, including: Vapor Recovery Units, Wellhead Compressors, Flares, Combustors, Instrument Air Compressors, Vapor Blowers, Flame Arrestors, Burner Management System, and other equipment.

Our mechanics are cross-trained so they can work on all types and brands of equipment. This saves you money since we give you bundled pricing for servicing multiple types of equipment (e.g. VRU, Flare, Combustor, etc.) at the same time on your well site, so you avoid the travel costs of different service vendors having to go to the same site. Our consolidated service reports can give you a monthly view of all your equipment.