Reciprocating Compressor Packages

OTA has reciprocating compressor packages for Vapor Recovery, Wellhead Compressors, and other applications based on the highly reliable KS40 and Sertco 350 reciprocating compressors. Field proven through years of oil field usage for vapor compression, these units are low maintenance and easy to repair.

OTA reciprocating compressors can be driven by electric motors or certified natural gas GM engines (3.0L, 5.7L, or 8.1L) and are available for sale and leasing to meet a wide range of parameters.

Compressor Packages We Offer

Standard Electric Reciprocating Packages (H2S versions are also available)

10HP – GTO10E (KS20 compressor)

20HP – GTO20E (KS40 compressor)

75HP – GTO75E (SERTCO 350 compressor)

125HP – GTO125E (SERTCO 350 compressor)

Standard Natural Gas Engine Powered Recip. Packages (H2S versions are also available)

40HP – GTO40NG (KS40 compressor with 3.0L GM engine)

75HP – GTO75NG (Sertco 350 compressor with 5.7L GM engine)

125HP – GTO125NG (Sertco 350 compressor with 8.1L GM engine)