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Vapor Combustor Units (VCUs)

Vapor Combustors provide a solution to vapor capture needs by burning-off vapors which would otherwise emit into the atmosphere.

In some cases there are not enough vapors to justify the cost of recovering gas as revenue. In other applications, there may be no existent pipeline to sell the gas. A vapor combustor is an ideal vapor solution for these type scenarios.

To learn more on this product, follow this link to Kimark’s VCU page.

The OTA Flare Advantage


Lost gas vapors equal lost product. In many cases, lost product is lost revenue. OTA’s trained representatives have the ability to assess your location and provide accurate reporting which enables you to make an informative and economical decision for the determined method of vapor recovery.


OTA’s philosophy is that you can never over-engineer the safety features of a product. We have consulted with HSE experts and government agencies to ensure incorporation of all necessary safety measures. Furthermore, OTA has developed a proven proprietary sizing program to ensure our units operate safely at the design specifications provided by the client.


We designed our flare line to be flexible. All of our models are modular and can be added to, or subtracted from, in order to maximize burn efficiency. If a low volume application is present, why should it be necessary to buy an oversized, one-size-fits-all flare? OTA has multiple size flares designed to support specific volume ignitions, therefore only the necessary assets are expended on required equipment.


  • Enclosed Design – Flame is out of sight and protected from wind.
  • Constant Pilot – Accurate pilot verification by UV flame detection or thermocouple
  • KSF Units require Guywires & KEVC units require skid or concrete pad to bolt/anchor to
  • Wide Selection – Kimark offers either fully insulated carbon steel or uninsulated stainless steel combustors.
  • Modular Design – Can be easily modified to fit a wide range of applications.
  • Proven Technology – Uses proven combustion methods and safety features.
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