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Visual Determination of Smoke Emissions

Affected facilities under 40 CFR Part 60 Subpart OOOO and OOOOa that utilize an enclosed combustion control device or flare to meet the emissions reduction standard for storage vessels must operate the enclosed combustion device or flare with no visible emissions, except for periods not to exceed a total of one (1) minute during any fifteen (15) minute period. A visible emissions test utilizing the EPA’s Method 22 is required to be performed at least once every calendar month, separated by at least fifteen (15) days between each test.

Kimark’s EPA certified (listed) combustor with its 99.9% destruction rate efficiency

Devices failing the visible emissions test are required to be repaired and be returned to compliant operation. Following the return to operation from maintenance or repair activity, each device is required to pass the EPA Method 22 visible emissions test.

Records of inspections, repairs, and maintenance activities for each unit are required to be maintained and available for inspection by EPA and state regulatory investigators.

Results table of Method 22 tested combustors; meets recordkeeping requirements

List of combustors that were infeasible to Method 22 test; meets recordkeeping requirements

OTA Compression partnered with their sister company (Kimark Systems) to provide all the services to meet the visible emissions testing requirements of 40 CFR Part 60 Subpart OOOO and OOOOa. From the visible emissions test, to the repair and preventative maintenance of the unit, and finally the often forgotten requirement of recordkeeping.

OTA and Kimark’s all-encompassing service is possible because we are well versed in the fabrication of vapor combustors, staff experienced visible emission inspection technicians, staff experienced maintenance and repair personnel, and staff experienced environmental specialists who will ensure you are in compliance with EPA’s regulations and recordkeeping requirements.

OTA and Kimark can not only size, fabricate, install, and maintain your vapor combustor but they can keep you compliant with federal and state regulations by performing the federal regulatory required monthly Method 22 visible emissions testing and provide you with maintenance documentation and performance reports to satisfy the federal regulatory recordkeeping requirement.

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