OTA manufacturers fully compliant flares for Oil & Gas Production, Midstream, and other applications. Our flares are designed for ease of operation and to keep you in compliance with emissions regulatory requirements such as: 40CFR60.18, API 521, and API 537.

OTA has a range of types, styles, and options that can be customized to meet your well-site needs, applications, and budgetary constraints. We can also field retrofit or upgrade your existing equipment to bring it into compliance with current regulatory standards.

Key Features & Options:

We provide Preventative Maintenance, call-out repair services, and upgrades/retrofits on all brands of flares and other emission control devices.

Types of Flares

Utility Flares - Standard Flare for LP/HP and continuous or intermittent use.

OTA's Utility Flares are designed with your budget in mind to meet your basic flaring requirements for continuous duty or emergency flaring needs for low pressure (LP) or high pressure (HP) gas streams. The flares can be customized to meet your particular site requirements. Powered or solar options are available. Many OTA customers have found that our basic utility flares are priced such that it is more economical to repair or upgrade outdated existing equipment. We will work with you to understand your gas flow rates, pressures, and gas composition in order to determine if you would need to upgrade to an air-assisted flare for compliance reasons.

Air-Assisted Flares

OTA has a line of air-assisted flares when additional flare tip mixing is required due to low gas pressure, high BTU gasses, or high percentage of gas constituents that tend to smoke. The air blower provides flare tip agitation and additional oxygen to achieve fully compliant, smokeless operation. Three-phase power, 460-480 Volt must be available on site for this option to work. Optional VFD for the blower allows even greater control over air flow.

Gas Assisted Flares - Gas agitation is for smokeless operation or to burn very low BTU vapor.

OTA has gas-assisted flares when additional flare tip agitation is required but power is not available to use an air blower. Gas-assist may be necessary due to low waste gas pressure, high BTU gas, high percentage of gas constituents that tend to smoke, or a very low BTU waste gas stream that needs increased BTU to burn. The turbulence introduced by the gas assist allows more oxygen at the flare tip to promote smokeless operation.

Dual Flares - An economical option for when you have dual HP/LP streams on a location.

OTA has a line of dual flares for well-sites that have multiple gas streams at different pressures that need to be flared. The dual flare is more economical than having two separate flares on the same location. A dual HP/LP flare can handle the low pressure vapors from oil or water storage tanks while also serving as a continuous or emergency flare for higher pressure gas from process vessels. Dual flares can come in air-assisted or gas-assisted version as well.

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