Quincy Electric or Natural Gas

About the Compressor

Still think Quincys are just for compressing air? THINK AGAIN! Couple OTA Compression’s packaging know-how and high attention to service with Quincy’s durably designed electric and natural gas compressor models and you’ve got an economic, highly efficient, low maintenance compressor package.


OTA packages single-stage and two-stage Quincy Electric or Natural Gas compressors. The Quincy unit is constructed of heavy-duty cast iron for strength and durability. The cylinders are cast with horizontal cooling fins and machined to rigid tolerances. The Quincy unit features an advanced-design pressure lubrication system, rebuildable connecting rods and low-lift valves.

The Package

Whether you want no-frills or completely decked out, OTA can outfit your package any way you’d like. Natural Gas (23hp) or Electric (20hp) drive packages are available in any size. Speak to an OTA representative for available sizes and capabilities.

Natural Gas prices are low but with OTA Compression, it’s economical to produce your marginal wells!


OTA uses a base-plus-option model. Start with the most cost effective package and add any options you want and need. You determine the price and functionality.


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Single stage & two stage available

Economical for low volume applications

Optional automatic features

Emissions compliant

Suction range from 0 to 50 psi

Discharge range from 0 to 400 psi

Volumes up to 800 MCFD

Performance varies based on RPM.

Performance curves graph shows unit at maximum RPM.

Click icons to download curves.

Single Stage

Two Stage