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GTO60E - 60HP Electric VRU


OTA’s GTO60E Vapor Recovery Unit with Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) is ideal for applications where electricity is available to your location. The GTO60E VRU package utilizes a 60HP 480V electric motor to power OTA’s proprietary KS40 compressor. The VFD allows the GTO60E to fit on almost any vapor recovery application where electricity is available making it the most versatile VRU available. As suction pressures fluctuate, the VFD will allow the electric drive motor to automatically adjust its RPMs accordingly. This package is designed for flexibility, ease of service and low maintenance. The VRU is so precise it can read and react to the exact ounce of pressure you command it to.


Reciprocating compressor? For vapor recovery?


That’s right! The KS40 was designed specifically for vapor recovery and is incomparable to other reciprocating compressors of the past. See how it stacks-up against its reciprocating ancestors, as well as modern competing compressor designs. Simply follow the KS40 link below:

KS40 Compressor


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Positive Pressure Compressor Crank Case Prevents Oxygen

60HP 480V Electric Drive Motor

Variable Frequency Drive to Handle a Wide Range of Applications

Ecology Rail Prevents Soil Contamination

Quiet Enough to Operate in Residential Areas

Automatic Shut-Down and Re-Start

Class I Division II Package Option

Built Tough - Reliable and Durable

Built in Safety Features Come Standard

Remote Satellite Communication Capable

Data Logging


Click image to view/download performance curves.