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GTO24NG - 24HP Natural Gas VRU


Don't have electricity readily available on your location? OTA Compression's GTO24NG Natural Gas Driven Vapor Recovery Unit is the answer. The GTO24NG Vapor Recovery package uses a 24HP Kubota Natural Gas Engine to power OTA's propriety KS20 compressor. OTA's highly efficient proprietary KS20 compressors are designed for low initial cost, flexibility, ease of service and low maintenance. OTA Vapor Recovery packages are skidded complete and ready for field service.


Reciprocating compressor? For vapor recovery?


That’s right! The KS20 was designed specifically for vapor recovery and is incomparable to other reciprocating compressors of the past. See how it stacks-up against its reciprocating ancestors, as well as modern competing compressor designs. Simply follow the KS20 link below:

KS20 Compressor


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24 HP Kubota Natural Gas Drive Motor

Ecology Rail Prevents Soil Contamination

Quiet Enough to Operate in Residential Areas

Automatic Shut-Down and Re-Start

Built Tought- Reliable and Durable

Built in Safety Features Cone Standard

Remote Satellite Communication Capable

Data Logging

Performance Testing Exempt


Click image to view/download performance curves.