In this ever-changing Oil & Gas industry, innovations in technology and design on OTA’s VRU selections are continuously evolving. With our VRU fleets evolving in a technical aspect, there are more affordable & easier ways to obtain your data that your VRU is obtaining in real time. Our line of VRU’s can operate with both [...]

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OTA COMPRESSION’s VERSATALITY, INNOVATION, AND CUSTOMER SERVICE  MAKE THEM YOUR VAPOR RECOVERY SOLUTION When every field’s vapor recovery situation is different, from the amount of vapor to the presence of liquids, you need a compression/VRU company that offers individually tailored solutions—not just a couple of pieces of “we’ll-make-it-fit” options. Flexibility, reporting and service after the sale are all part [...]

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Have You Ever Tried a Wellhead Compressor on Your Oil Well? Maybe you should…

When some people think of wellhead compressors they think of gas wells and nothing else. When gas is below four dollars many people don’t think about either. Obviously, compressors are still necessary to push gas into a sales line, however, they can also be utilized on oil well applications. But if wellhead compressors is your [...]

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Control Panel Options

Each unit needs a controller, but there are several options available with different features. All of our controllers will run the unit to do its basic functions, but what separates them are the various “bells and whistles” for the customer to decide. OTA offers three options of control panels (DK Standard, DK Premier and Murphy [...]

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Required to Replace Rod Packings – Not with OTA’s KS40

OTA Compression’s proprietary KS40 Compressor does not use rod packings, therefore is exempt from EPA’s Quad O rule 60.5385 (a), which requires the replacement of rod packings every 36 months or 26,000 hours. The KS40 compressor is a sealed compressor that does not allow vapors to escape to the atmosphere and does not require routine [...]

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Unit Options: Function vs. Price Have it Your Way!

Instead of stressing and worrying about the increasing strength or restraint of air environmental regulations, position oneself on the side of caution; Invest in technology that environmental regulatory agencies (i.e. EPA, TCEQ, ODEQ) prefer, as seen by reviewing the progressively lessening regulatory restraints on VRUs. When a sales line is available, it makes economic sense [...]

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Variable Frequency Drives and VRU’s/Wellhead Compressors Go Hand in Hand

What is a VFD? What does it stand for? What does it mean? VFD stands for Variable Frequency Drive and it can be thought of as a transmission for an electric motor. It allows an electric motor to adjust the RPM’s during operation so one may use the minimum amount of power needed to get [...]

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KS40 Vapor Recovery and Wellhead Compressor Units Stand Alone

We all know you have many decisions to make when it comes to choosing and buying a compressor that best fits your facilities, but look no further. OTA is proud of our patented KS40 compressor that is utilized for vapor recovery and wellhead compression, so let me explain why it’s the best. The KS40 is [...]

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