Are Your Production Tanks Full of Hot Air?

It is no secret that the presence of oxygen inside the gas sales meter is a growing concern for oil and gas production companies that are trying to comply with the EPA and state DEQ’s strict control regulations of volatile organic compound (VOC’s) and greenhouse gas (GHG’s) emissions. It is a common occurrence for atmospheric [...]

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Introducing OTA New Line of Vapor Combustors (Enclosed Flares)

OTA is proud to present its new line of combustors designed to meet EPA, State, and Local performance and design requirements (60.5413, 63.771, 60.18, 63.11). Its unique carbon steel enclosure and burner system has the capability to “expand” in the field as site conditions change (i.e. increasing gas flow and BTU content). There are three [...]

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Importance of Vapor Recovery Towers

Let’s break this down and understand exactly what a vapor recovery tower is and how it can be beneficial to a tank battery facility. A VRT is a tall pressure vessel, which is installed between the production separator and liquid storage tanks. VRTs are a source for hydrocarbon vapor recovery at near atmospheric pressure that [...]

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Don’t Go Up in Smoke!

When recovering your flash gas with a vapor recovery unit is not a viable option or there is no existing pipeline to sell the gas, you can choose to destroy your hydrocarbons with a vapor combustor safely and economically. Be sure to identify that the combustor you are choosing to control emissions meet the federal, [...]

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