Does your vapor recovery unit meet the appropriate TCEQ capture efficiency requirements? OTA meets the requirements for a 99% CE.

TCEQ has established some guidelines to appropriately account for emissions captured by vapor recovery units (VRUs). Does your process device satisfy all of these restrictions? First, let’s go over the requirements for claiming 95% control efficiency and see how OTAs process device meets all expectations. You must first have a process devices designed to capture [...]

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Control Panel Options

Each unit needs a controller, but there are several options available with different features. All of our controllers will run the unit to do its basic functions, but what separates them are the various “bells and whistles” for the customer to decide. OTA offers three options of control panels (DK Standard, DK Premier and Murphy [...]

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Required to Replace Rod Packings – Not with OTA’s KS40

OTA Compression’s proprietary KS40 Compressor does not use rod packings, therefore is exempt from EPA’s Quad O rule 60.5385 (a), which requires the replacement of rod packings every 36 months or 26,000 hours. The KS40 compressor is a sealed compressor that does not allow vapors to escape to the atmosphere and does not require routine [...]

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