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No matter what type of emissions control device or vapor recovery unit is chosen, it must be operational when vapors are present. With any continuous duty equipment, it must be properly maintained in order to comply with air permits, avoid costly fines, protect one’s emissions initiative investment, and help extend the life of the equipment. [...]

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Representative Sampling: Determining VOC Emissions

Is there an easier, less time consuming, and money saving way to determine a production or midstream site’s emissions for air quality permitting purposes? Why yes there is! The Texas Commission of Environmental Quality’s Air Quality Division developed the standard for determining the emissions from crude/condensate stock tanks without physically testing each and every site. [...]

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Unit Options: Function vs. Price Have it Your Way!

Instead of stressing and worrying about the increasing strength or restraint of air environmental regulations, position oneself on the side of caution; Invest in technology that environmental regulatory agencies (i.e. EPA, TCEQ, ODEQ) prefer, as seen by reviewing the progressively lessening regulatory restraints on VRUs. When a sales line is available, it makes economic sense [...]

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Variable Frequency Drives and VRU’s/Wellhead Compressors Go Hand in Hand

What is a VFD? What does it stand for? What does it mean? VFD stands for Variable Frequency Drive and it can be thought of as a transmission for an electric motor. It allows an electric motor to adjust the RPM’s during operation so one may use the minimum amount of power needed to get [...]

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